Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quick & Easy Frozen Birthday!

My little sister turned 4 back in November and my parents had no idea what they wanted to do with her. But since her birthday fell on a Saturday we knew that we should do something fun. A few days before her birthday she suffered a serious injury to one of her fingers so her parents were afraid to take her out of the house to do anything since she wasn't wearing  a cast but her finger was still in pretty bad shape. Me being me and LOVING parties the way that I do decided that I would go and buy some decorations, make a cake and have a little party at her house with just family. My sister and my daughter are the only kids in the family but they play together pretty well because my Nylah thinks she is 3 and can hang with big kids. My little cousin is 11 but she acts like a little kiddo sometimes so we count her in too...lol. I decided to do Frozen because my little sister LOVES it like all of the little girls in the world! I went to Wal-Mart to purchase party tabkeware and decor to match the theme, made the cake myself and her parents ordered some pizza and wings. We ended up spending no more than $50.00 for the party which was awesome and I know that my sister thoroughly enjoyed herself. If I had more time I am sure I would have went all out with the decorations and sweets but she loved all of it so that made me happy!

Lavish parties are the thing now but I don't think that they aren't always necessary. Pick a theme, go to Wal-Mart/Target/Party City and grab a few things, cook or order Pizza, get a cake, invite family and/or a few friends and your little one will have a ball! My family is fortunate in the bakery department because they know that they can always get a custom creation for just about free to match their theme but seriously, it's the thought and effort that counts. Celebrating my birthday as a kid always made me feel special. It was my personal day and I have nothing but great memories of it! I plan on doing the same for my sister & daughter.

My Nylah and my sister posing in front of a Frozen backdrop.

The birthday girl!

Table set-up!

The birthday cake!

My Nylah & Her Daddy having cake (silly big cousin in the background).

Birthday girl having cake!

Birthday girl & her big cousin.

My godson came to join the party too!