Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Does It Make Me Less of a Mother? Part I: My C-Section Preference

Being a 25-year-old fairly new mother,  I have a ton of people in my social network who are pregnant and new mothers. Through all of those people I have seen several different opinions/ideas in regards to birth, breastfeeding and child rearing. Both birth and breastfeeding are very hot topics for new mothers, especially breastfeeding. Being respectful is sometimes difficult when I read and hear other people's opinions regarding these topis especially when I disagree with them. I totally understand that it is okay for everyone to have their own opinion but, I don't think that other people do. While I know that Nylah has the best mother, when I hear certain comments I sometimes second guess myself and my decisions.

While I was pregnant I discussed with my husbnad my fear of having a vaginal birth. Tying that makes me feel a little crazy...lol. Why? Well, I am a woman and women have been delivering babies vaginally and drug free since the beginning of time. And I wanted NOTHING to do with neither of those oprions for 2 simple reasons. One, I know that my pain tolerance is not very high so I knew that I would be opting for meds. I couldn't imagine myself in agony for too long. And secondly, I was afraid of vaginal tearing and having to receive stitches. I have heard some horor stories about that and it really scared me! Now don't get me wrong, I didn't want a c-section either but the baby had to some out some way and in weighing the pros and cons of both, I felt that it would be better for me. I mentally prepared myself for both but was secretly relieved when my daughter was delivered early via c-section.

I have no problem with sharing my birth story and how great my c-section was but I sometimes get crazy looks when I say that I preferred my c-section. Women tell me how they wanted to hold out as long as possible in hopes to avaoid a c-section and I do not understand why. I've heard pregnant women speak of c-sections negatively and how they will do it the "natural" way and I don't understand it. I may be jumping to conclusions but it seems to me that some women feel that the decision to have a vaginal birth is better than a c-section. But, for what reason? Am I supposed to want a giant baby to squeeze out of my body simply because I am a woman? Or, I won't feel a connection to my baby if they don't come through the birth canal? Or maybe it's the scar that scares some. I am so very curious as to what people think. As I stated above, I am very content with my c-section but I'm just wondering if I am missing something.