Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making Over Our Bathroom

As I have stated before, hubby and I are moving out of his mama's house and into our own!! And we have set a move-in date; August 4th!!! I am uber excited and we have been super busy for the past two weeks trying to "flip" the house. If you didn't follow me before, the house that we are moving into is a house that my grandmother owns and a house that has not been occupied for about 7 years. So of course there were some repairs needed and fresh coats of paint that needed to be applied.

So our 1st project was the bathroom. It had some ugly tan wallpaper on the walls that we decided to tear down and I wanted to paint the bathroom blue because I had this blue shower curtain set for years that I never used back in my college Hubby and I worked on the paint job for about 2 days (would have taken us longer if we didn't get a paint that had a primer built in!).

Hubby working hard painting the parts of the walls that I couldn't

(Left) Walls are painted and now we were moving on to the doors.

(Right) Front and closet doors were painted white.

And in this picture, the paint work is fini (although you can't see it well because of the angles in the bathroom)!! We've actually done a thorough cleaning and put up the shower curtain and rugs. Once EVERYTHING is complete I will post a finished picture :)