Friday, May 31, 2013


So, I am a horrible I haven't created a post in over a month! I can admit that I have been a bit busy since I lasted posted. Hubby turned 26 and we celebrated that by going to a lounge with a few friends! We of course have still been going out, to dinner mostly. But, we have been putting a great deal of our time & MONEY into our newest project, OUR NEW HOUSE!!!
Well, the house isn't so new but it will be our 1st home together and that's definitely a new idea for us! I am of course a Philadelphian and the house isn't in the best of neighborhoods but I will tell you why that doesn't matter to us right now. The house belongs to my grandmother and it is where I lived with my mom & sister between the ages of 5 and 16. My granny isn't going to charge us rent to stay in the house, we do have to pay the bills of course. Sounds like a sweet deal for 2 young adults who have student loans to pay! The house has been sitting since we vacated so it needs some TLC. And this is our new project! Fixing ceilings and floors, paint jobs and the ever so fun task of decorating!
We are in progress already, well the people we hired I will definitely be blogging our progress, room by room with pictures! We are so excited about moving and I am even more excited about decorating!!!!