Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Found Out Baby's Sex!

Well at 19 weeks, the time finally arrived to find out our little one's sex! Hubby, expecting a boy, and I, with no preference were very excited for our Thursday afternoon anatomy appointment. I felt like there was a little girl growing, inside of my tummy and I was absolutely right!! We got a chance to get a good look at her, her brain, heart and all of her little body parts and it's amazing how much she has grown already. I can feel her little movements and seeing her just made me even more excited, Daddy is with out a doubt excited too!

After my appointment I had to share the news with family and friends. I really wanted to have a gender reveal party but I knew that my mother could not wait, she can't wait to find out most So, for very close family and friends I took a picture of her ultrasound and added the words it's a girl and texted it to everyone. For everyone else, I decided to make a gender reveal cake and post the pictures on facebook and twitter (the easiest way to spread the word).

 "Bowtie or Bow? Who Knows?" Designed with a handmade bowtie and bow made by by me!
And here is the inside of the cake with pink icing and a picture of our baby girl "Nylah"! So excited to meet her!!!