Sunday, January 26, 2014

Short Cervix....Ahhhhh!

At my 19 week anatomy ultrasound I found out that I was having a little girl but my doctor also discovered that my cervix was short. Now if you don't know what that means it pretty much means that I am at risk for preterm labor. If my cervix continues to shrink then it will eventually open (dilate) and my little one will be on the way. Whew, talk about overwhelming!! We're not sure if my cervix has always been short or if it has started to shrink. I'm only 20 weeks, at the halfway mark, and little Nylah needs to stay in for at least another 17 weeks to ensure that she is completely healthy.

The high risk doctor is the doctor who discovered all of this. This was my first meeting with him. I was originally meeting him because of high blood pressure during my first trimester (which is pretty much under control with the aid of medication). Now I am taking a progesterone suppository in which I have to insert every night. I have not been put on bed rest yet but hubby and I have a feeling that it may be coming much sooner than we anticipated. From all of my research, I have read that progesterone is pretty effective so I hope it works! I'll be back at the DO in a week for him to check my cervix again. I'll be praying, taking my meds and resting as much as I possibly can in hopes that my cervix doesn't get any shorter. I'll keep you posted.