Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The "B" Word......Baby!

    I am without a doubt certain that many newlyweds have experienced what I am about to talk about. I am talking about the big "B" question. "When are you guys you going to have a baby?" We have not been married for 2 months yet and I have been asked this question several times by people on both sides of the fence, those saying "go for it" and those wanting us to wait. The truth right now is, We do not know!

    Babies are the next big thing after walking down the aisle and finding a place to settle in to. So it isn't out of place or weird for people to want to know this information but I do find being asked quite annoying sometimes. While Aaron and I have "settled down", we are not quite ready to retire to our home 24/7 with a couple of little ones running around and driving us nuts! Not saying that being a parent means you can't do anything but it does limit some things. Our spontaneous nights of going to the movies, out to dinner or a bar without having to find a babysitter would of course be nonexistent as well as the future trips I am planning for us to take (he doesn't know anything about these trips

    Aaron and I have had this discussion and are excited about being parents in the near future. We both grew up in single households so we are really looking forward to raising our children together. Now don't get me wrong, there are some days when I come down with baby fever and I want to procreate right on the spot but there are a few things that snap me back. I work in childcare so I deal with screaming babies ALL day so that puts a damper on my baby dreams I also think about ALL of the costs; formula, car seats, crib, clothes, shoes, daycare and so on and while I am sure Aaron and I would make due with a little one, it would be beneficial to us to wait just a bit longer. So for those looking for a little baby girl or boy Dogan, not just yet, HOPEFULLY!!!