Friday, December 26, 2014

Halloween 2014 - Nylah's 1st Halloween

This year was the first year that I got to dress up my own kid, Awesome!! Nylah had a pretty busy Halloween! The weekend before Halloween she had 2 events to attend. The Saturday before, we threw a small Halloween Party and the next day she attended her first NICU reunion. I purchased 1 1/2 costumes for her. For the party and reunion she went as Minnie Mouse. And on Halloween day, she dressed as Thing 3, along with Thing 1 and 2 (Daddy and Mommy).

Now, I am such a planner that I decided to throw together a little Halloween party (I always want to plan and decorate for I of course wanted to keep it small (mostly family members, and a few friends).My mother and 3 year old sister was there along with some of Aaron and my cousins and some friends of ours brought their young son and daughter. I planned on a couple more children being there but they weren't able to make it. Here's some pictures and details from the party. All of the little ones were in costume and they all looked so cute. We had some bumble bees, a minnie mouse, Spiderman, a Sassy kitten and an owl at the party.
Decorate your own pumpkin station (sytrofoam pumpkins
from Dollar Tree)
My Nylah and her auntie (my little sis) Aleah

Cute banner from Dollar Tree

Pin the hat on the Witch game, Dollar Tree
Yummy treat table with a Ghost cupcake cake (made by me).

Mommy and Nylah as Minnie Mouse, Daddy didn't want
to dress up.

More decor from Dollar tree and gift bags full of candy.

Guests in a heated round of monster match game!