Friday, May 23, 2014

Purple Birdie Baby Shower for Nylah

Being the mama-to-be left me out of hosting the shower, we'll not really. My original baby shower was planned for May 17th and was being put together by my mom and mother in law (MIL) but since Nylah came early things changed. We weren't sure if she'd be home by May 17th (she wasn't) and we didn't want her to be present at the shower because we know everyone would have wanted to hold her. So we pushed the date up to May 3rd. I wanted to get gifts and still have time to shop for whatever else we needed.

With Nylah being in the NICU and going through so many different emotions on a daily basis I thought it would be best to have the shower at home and totally down scale. My mom and MIL were going to rent a hall and all if that jazz but Aaron and I both thought it was unnecessary,  I don't think MIL liked that too And I decided to help out with decorations and making my own cake! I wanted EVERYTHING purple but my MIL insisted on having a "baby" theme and I settled for a pink mommy and baby bird theme,  but I made sure that purple was really incorporated. I was pretty busy that day so I didn't get many pictures but here is what I got and some details.

Date: May 3rd
Time: 3:00-7:00pm
Location: Our Home
Number of Guests: 35
Games Played: Baby Word Search & Scramble, Ball Toss, Guess Baby's Birth Weight, My Water Broke
Menu: Meatballs, Chicken Fingers, Seafood Salad, Tuna Salad, Deviled Eggs, Cake, Cookies, Chips, Candy, Soda, Juice, Water

Baby Shower cake made by me!!!
Guests signed and wrote messages to Aaron, Nylah and me. 
Guest's favors; custom made cookies and a cupcake candle. 
Decor; Nylah's name
Our chips table
Mommy's Special Chair
Sweet Table; Cookies, Mini purple cupcakes, Nerds, Jolly Ranchers, Sweet Tarts,  Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffys and Gobstoppers. EVERYTHING was gone at the end. 
The Guests of Honor, Aaron & Me